Why babies are the best.

Today, I held babies. It was magical.

Babies are the best. They’re just so innocent and precious. Their eyes are always full of wonder and love (even when they’re screaming). My best friend and I went to visit a set of twins tonight, and I was reminded of why I love kids. Even though I don’t want any for quite some time, I am still a big softie for cute kiddos. Both of the babies were so expressive and trusting, falling asleep in our arms and smiling big when we acted stupidly towards them. They are just the sweetest, and I fell in love at first sight.

So, to commemorate this, I wanted to compile a list on why babies are the best:

  1. Innocence. Babies have an air of innocence about them that just takes my breath away.They look so delighted and happy and sometimes angry; it’s almost as if the world hasn’t touched them or let them down yet. They trust those around them and don’t judge others. It’s a beautiful thing to see a baby interact with a person, and I love the innocence they possess.
  2. Little Miracles. Babies are miracles; there’s just no way around that fact. I look at each and every baby and think to myself wow- what a miracle. Just to think about how each and every child is formed in the womb and to watch them grow and develop is amazing. Children are truly gifts from God.
  3. Baby Smells. No, not the stinky diaper smell. I’m talking about the new baby smell; it’s addicting, am I right?
  4. Their Smiles. I don’t know about you, but I’d do just about anything to see a baby smile and laugh. I would make funny faces, buzz my lips together, and coo like a crazy woman. I love seeing babies smile. It’s just so expressive and warms my heart.
  5. Heart-Changing Powers. Babies can change a person’s heart; I’ve seen it before. The most cynical person in the world can hold a baby and suddenly their heart changes. Gone is the person who would complain about kids; in their place now stands a person who speaks baby talk fluently and plays peek-a-boo like a champ. The toughest guy can be turned to mush by a baby, and I love that. They have magical powers, I swear.
  6. Cuteness Overload. Babies are just downright cute. I don’t care what anyone says, I love looking through peoples’ baby pictures and seeing them at that age. Cute doesn’t even describe how babies look. Their expressive smiles and big eyes on a small face are favorite traits of mine.

I absolute love kids and think they’re adorable. Spending time with babies makes my heart happy and my smile a little bigger. Even if they make my arm fall asleep and drool all over my shirt, I will always fall more in love. I’m excited to one day be a mom, even if it’s far down the road.

Babies are miracles; this is something we should all agree upon. ❤


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