“If I should have a daughter…”

I have officially hit the post-Thanksgiving slump.

I’m sitting in my room at home, stomach full and body tired from all the traveling and family time. I’ve been in my PJs for a solid hour now, and I’m feeling like the laziest person out there.

That being said, I am not feeling very creative. No prompts or thoughts seem to be emanating from me; no thoughts seem to be coming together. I’ve spent the past 30 minutes or so feeling frustrated due to this. As I reach the end of this blogging journey, I’m feeling a little bogged down in my writing style and posts. Nothing seems to sound quite right.

So, for today’s post, I’m going to instead share a favorite video of mine from this semester:

To put it simply, Sarah Kay is a genius. Her words flow beautifully and paint a picture for audiences everywhere. This TED talk is on my list of favorites because I appreciate her message. She discusses and presents spoken word poetry and how she gets students to catch the fire for it. I love her passion and desire towards her craft. She shares her thoughts in such a humorous and loving way; it’s easy to see how gifted she is. This video provided me with many prompts to work with (hands, if I should have a daughter, 3 things I know to be true, etc.). Someday, I will play this video in my classroom.

Spend the 18 minutes watching this video. Even if you aren’t an English major, I think you’ll still get a lot out of it. I know I did.



P.S.- If you still can’t get enough, I suggest you check out this video. Sarah is magnificent when she performs.


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