Can I Accio My Hogwarts Letter?

*Cue the dramatic Harry Potter intro*

Tonight, I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Naturally, I loved it. The movie just has that J.K. Rowling charm and brilliance that shines on the big screen. Also, the references to Hogwarts in general always get me all sorts of excited.

I was a Harry Potter fanatic growing up. I finished the first 6 books in 2 weeks the summer after my 3rd grade year (then waited impatiently for the release of the final novel), devouring them every spare moment I had. I was 9, and I loved the escape that the wizarding world provided. It was a fun, magical realm that I became obsessed with.



Today, I am nearing 21 and have sadly never received my Hogwarts letter. Although Fantastic Beasts informed me that we do in fact have a wizarding school here in the states, Hogwarts will always have my heart. I’ve waited a long time, and I simply refuse to believe that I am a muggle. So, there’s only one possible answer: my letter was sent, but I never received it. I have some theories as to how this happened:

  1. It got lost in the mail. We all know that sending mail overseas takes a long time, so this thought is completely logical. My guess is that it was sent by messenger owl (because HP is amazing and would do that) and got caught in the wind, never to be found. Or, if it did make it here, the letter got lost in the bustle of the postal office and never emerged.
  2. It did get delivered- to someone else. I moved around a lot as a  kid- a lot. I lived in 4 different towns before coming to college and lived in many different houses in these towns. Wouldn’t it make sense that the letter simply went to the wrong address? There’s probably some snot nosed kid at Hogwarts right now instead of me.
  3. My siblings hid it. I love my siblings, but they did not always make it easy on me. Once, my siblings locked me out of the school building to fend for myself. I was 2. So, I wouldn’t put it past them. (Plus, what if they never got a letter? Can’t let me have all the fun.)
  4. My name was spelled wrong on the address. I haven’t ever understood it, but people cannot spell my name. It’s really not that difficult; it spells how it sounds. This could’ve caused all sorts of confusion when trying to deliver my letter.
  5. My parents didn’t give it to me. I’m not saying that they would deliberately hide it, but they certainly could have believed it to be junk mail and tossed it right away. Or, worse, opened it and became scared. I can hear them now: “How could she fend for myself? Is this a joke? She doesn’t even own a passport!”

I have refused to give up hope. I, much like Harry, believe that Hogwarts is my true home.



So, uh, if you could just resend that owl and flood my living room with letters? That would be awesome. Accio!


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