5 Reasons Snow is the Absolute Worst

“I’m so excited for the big snowstorm coming in!”

Someone said this to me today, and I threw up in my mouth a little.


Snow is the worst, and I hate it. Plain and simple. Living in Nebraska means that I have to deal with it for a good chunk of the year, and that makes me pretty sad. The first snow is when most people are excited and giddy; they love that exciting feeling of curling up with a piping hot mug of coffee and watching some Netflix while hovering under blankets.

I do not feel the same way. Snow is terrible. It’s cold, wet, and (normally) blowing across the road or smacking me in the face as I walk to class. The people around me who love the snow are effectively shunned during the winter because I cannot stand their comments about how “beautiful” it is. To further illustrate my point, I’ve put together 5 reasons to prove that snow is the worst:

  1. Driving gets more difficult. For those that already struggle to drive, it gets even worse. Last winter, I was rear ended by someone who “just couldn’t stop” at the stop sign due to the ice. C’mon people. It’s icy. Act like you’ve driven before. But, to be fair, driving gets more difficult even for those that are not idiots. Snow and the inevitable ice that comes with it causes my car to slip and slide all over the place. My “No Traction” light is constantly lit, even if I’m driving under 10 mph.
  2. Speaking of cars- You have to constantly scrape your windows. And, if you’re like me, this means waking up a lot sooner than normal. I’m the type of person who loves sleep more than most things in life; forcing me out of my bed earlier than normal will result in crabbiness. The worst part is you have to scrape your windows multiple times in one day if it snows for too long. For example, I scraped my windows 4 times today- 4 times. That is ridiculous. Since snow is, you know, wet, it will inevitably freeze over on your windshield, causing you more work. I’m not about that life.
  3. Snow= Ice= Falling. I may not be a math genius, but this equation is pretty simple. Falling becomes a pastime of mine during the winter. I am constantly slipping and dropping to the ground, getting my jeans wet and bruising my body and ego. Chadron (the town I currently live in) and CSC seem to not believe in de-icing or plowing the roads; this leads to some treacherous falls down stairs and sidewalks.
  4. It is freezing. Snow means cold and (most times) wind. I hate the cold. I hate shivering, and I seem to do this no matter how many layers I have piled on. Once cold, I tend to remain cold for a very long time.
  5. People become weirdly idealistic. It’s like clockwork: the second snow starts to fall (or threatens to), people start to get all sorts of sentimental and disgusting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a solid romcom and some tears. Just leave the stupid snow out of it. If I hear one more person remark on how they’re going to “take engagement pictures in the snow” or “go make snow angels with their best friend/boyfriend/etc.” I will slap them. No, you won’t do that. Do you know why? Because the oppressive blanket of white fluff is evil. It is not fun; you’ll take one step outside and immediately freeze. If you get as far as actually laying down in snow, you’re beyond repair, and I hope you get frostbite. Add in the people who are “just so excited to cuddle up” with their significant other and “drink hot cocoa” and I might actually get ill myself.

As the evil that is snow begins to fall today, I want to remind everyone of one thing: your life isn’t a Hallmark movie- the snow is real and very cold. Until warmer weather returns, I’ll be watching this video of another brave soul (who is basically my spirit person) say exactly what’s on the mind of those of us who hate snow.

Snow haters, unite!


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