Stop telling me my major is easy.

“Do you even have assignments, or do you guys just talk about feelings all the time?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I’m lucky to be an English Ed. major. From the day I declared my major, I have had many people voice their opinion on my choice. I had a lot of people support me, saying that my love for both kids and literature made this a no-brainer. However, there were (and still are) many, many people with a differing opinion who never hesitated to state their thoughts:

“You are so lucky you’re just an English major.”

“Be glad you picked an easy major! I had so much homework this week.”

“Enjoy all of your reading while I’m doing actual homework.”

As a junior in college, I’ve heard these thoughts so often I normally just let them roll off my back and keep on going. I’ve been ridiculed and laughed at for my choice in a career path because I’m not only an English major, but I’m an English Ed. major. Two easy majors wrapped in one? Piece of cake! Right?

No. They aren’t easy majors.


I read and write for hours each week, analyzing each text until it cannot be ripped apart anymore and redrafting each piece of writing until I can’t read it again. This week alone I have read over 500 pages and spent 8+ hours in the library writing. From a 1920s novel to Shakespeare to a book on creative writing, I read voraciously and look into the historical, social, and political context of each piece. I meticulously craft my papers and revise them until I feel they are written well enough to be read by others.

But, I don’t tell you this to earn your pity. I love my major; that’s why I picked it to begin with. I love the feeling of creating an amazing paper that I’m proud of. I love that reading can transport me both back and forward in time to lands I could never dream of visiting. I (normally) choose to not respond to comments about how “easy” it is because I love it despite what others think. I believe everyone should feel this way about what they choose. Consider this: if you’re complaining about your major constantly, should you really be pursuing that career choice? If you feel the need to degrade my major, maybe you should step back and take a look at how happy yours makes you. Is there really such a thing as an “easy” major? We are all in college to pursue our future wants and desires. We all take classes that are difficult. I think it’s about time we recognize this fact.

So stop. Stop telling me my major is easy. Stop trying to put my choices down because they aren’t the same as yours. Quit trying to appear larger than me because your degree holds more weight in your mind. Everyone picks a different major; assuming that the one I picked is less difficult than yours does nothing to help you.

Though the intentions behind the quote are undoubtedly wrong, I must admit the people that tear into my choice are right about something: I am beyond lucky to be an English Ed. major.



P.S.- Call me when you need your paper proofread.


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