Honesty Hour

I hate confrontation and awkward moments with a very real passion.

Today, NaBloPoMo asked me to be blunt and honest with my thoughts. So, I’ve decided to compile a list of 13 very real (and very awkward) statements and thoughts that I would never say aloud for fear of embarrassment and/or physical retaliation by those around me. Enjoy.

  1. I really hate Chinese food. I just go to the restaurants with my friends because I don’t want to say no to people.
  2. To the person that physically hit me with their car and drove off: “AM I INVISIBLE? DO YOU NOT SEE ME WALKING RIGHT BEHIND YOU? PAY ATTENTION OR YOU’LL BE PAYING MY COLLEGE BILLS WHEN I SUE.”
  3. I think crop tops sound terrible at all times. Seriously, I just don’t get it. Aren’t you cold?
  4. “The Star Wars trilogy is stupid.”
  5. Sometimes I prioritize finishing homework over brushing my teeth in the mornings. Judge me.
  6. I hate people that don’t read a book series before watching the movie franchise for it and then pretend to be an expert on the plot line.
  7. Spending all of your money on alcohol is irresponsible and foolish. College isn’t just about drinking.
  8. Pretty sure I’ve gone 4 days straight without showering this semester.
  9. Also positive I’ve gone more than 3 weeks without doing laundry.
  10. Exercising and eating right is the bane of my existence. I haven’t “exercised” since September unless you count opening the fridge and pulling myself out of bed (which I sometimes do).
  11. I love One Direction. Call me juvenile, but I can sing every song of theirs right now. (I’m also incidentally planning my marriage to Harry right now, but that’s beside the point.)
  12. One of the students at the middle school asked me about reproduction, and I turned beet red and simply turned and walked away. Teacher of the year, am I right?
  13. I constantly tell people that my only “checklist” item for a future husband is his ability to speak with a British accent (or at least fake one). This isn’t a complete lie.





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