NaBloPoMo- Let’s Go!

Hi-ho, hi-ho… It’s off to blog I go! (dada-da da da-dada-da da da)

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this blogging adventure. Honestly. Just because I am writing this first day’s post at 11:00 p.m. the night it needs to be sent out does not mean I’m not thrilled. Sleep deprived and completely bogged down by homework? Yes. Dreading this month-long assignment? Absolutely not.

For my family and friends who have chose to join me on my November NaBloPoMo mission, I want to give some information. I see so much promise and pure awesomeness behind BlogHer’s mission. NaBloPoMo is a challenge that asks bloggers to blog once a day throughout the month of November. Prompts are given, but those participating also have freedom to choose as they wish on what to write about (in fact, I’ve already deviated from the assigned prompt for today. Who says I’m not rebellious?). That being said, if you’re joining this journey with me, you’ll probably read some pretty zany posts. From future plans to my workout failures and from English-filled nerdy thoughts to my opinions on happiness, I can’t wait to share my life with you. NaBloPoMo celebrates writers everywhere; that is precisely why I love it. Being creative is a process, and I believe that writers get shut down and told they aren’t good enough to exist in such a world way too often. That’s wrong. Blogging, to me, is a way to express yourself through words in a casual and open space. That’s why I’ve taken this challenge.

Naturally, I’m sure you question my sanity (as if you didn’t already, am I right?). I can practically hear my mother: “Blogging every day? How will you have time to do that?! Weren’t you just complaining about how busy you were?” And, to be honest, I probably was. I’m an overloaded, full-time college student who is very involved in campus organizations and serves in officer roles. I spend every afternoon M-Th (and most Fridays) in the local middle school working with kids. I also like to have a semblance of a social life as well, taking in some movies or meeting friends for coffee and Bible study. Add on to this the bottomless pile of homework and my other obligations and you probably think I’m mad.

But, here’s the thing: writing is crucial. It’s important that we recognize this fact. Words can convey and create. They can inspire others and express oneself. Words spoken by someone are intensely personal. They are important. I’m taking this challenge on to further myself as a writer and as a creative mind. I want my future students to take risks and be bold in their writing, sharing pieces of themselves as they move along. And, I recognize that in order for them to buy into what I’m saying, I need to practice what I preach.

That being said, welcome! I’m so happy you’ve joined me on my mission. Happy November, and happy NaBloPoMo! See you tomorrow, hopefully before 11:34 pm. 😉

NaBloPoMo November 2016




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