Peace Within the Craziness: ILP


Can we all just take a minute to agree that life is an insane, bumpy, crazy mess?

Whew. What a week! It’s been crazy around here. From traveling for the 4th last weekend and going back to work without an air conditioner in the office to traveling again this weekend and having my car blow a belt on the road, it’s been a whirlwind week full of, uhm, adventures to say the least. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty frazzled as I sit here writing this post. I just got home after driving 2 hours with a car on the fritz. This week has not been relaxing in the least.

But do you know what has been relaxing this week? My reading project.

I know, I know. I talk about reading like it is my source of happiness each week. But, maybe it is just that.



I spent the afternoon of the 4th starting (and nearly finishing) a book titled Emmy and Oliver. This book is amazing; I implore you all to go out, grab a copy, and devour it just like I did. It’s a love story about, you guessed it, two teens named Emmy and Oliver from California. Oliver has been missing for years, but has just been miraculously found. Will he and Emmy be able to regain their friendship? Can they find their way back to each other? I laughed and felt pangs in my heart as I followed their story. Definitely a YA love novel, but hey, is there anything better?



Since then, I have started Gabi, A Girl in Pieces. Although I haven’t finished it yet (crazy week, remember?), I definitely love this book. It’s different from one that I would normally pick, but stepping outside of your comfort zone as a reader is important I think. Readers experience Gabi trying to make her way in the world as a Latina girl with an overprotective mother and deadbeat dad. As she struggles through life’s hurdles, readers can appreciate her never-die attitude and strength; I know that she’s going through problems that I never did, but it’s still important to read about them. Some books serve as windows to enlighten readers and show them something different; this book is doing that for me, and I can’t wait to give you a full run down of it next week.

So, my car has been deposited at the shop and, after I take a long shower and grab an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper from the garage, I’m going to unwind from my stressful weekend (never thought I’d say that) with Gabi. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this thankful for my stress reliever. If you need me, just know that you’ll find me in my PJ’s with a book. You’ve been warned.


Happy Reading!


P.S.- As always, be sure to look for full reviews on my Goodreads page! This week’s books may not be added until I have recovered from my week, so plan on them being up tomorrow evening. 🙂 I have also added the widget to my blog, so hopefully that’s a bit easier.


4 thoughts on “Peace Within the Craziness: ILP

  1. ashleycosmt

    I find that when I have a book that I enjoy reading it really is very relaxing. (that is if my children don’t interrupt me every 3 paragraphs ;)) I will have to give Emmy and Oliver a try. I have not been reading this summer at all (unless you count the multiple children’s books I read to my littles) My problem is finding a good book, so I usually depend on ideas from friends or the best sellers lists. Keep up the good progress!


  2. Regan,
    Good glob! The cover of Gabi, A Girl in Pieces definitely peaked my interest! It looks like a beautiful disaster, probably how the character feels about her life. The description you gave also intrigued me and that is a book I most certainly need to check out when I return (if they have it in the library). I usually relax reading a book as well, and by the sounds of your week, you most definitely need to take a long break. Happy reading!


    1. Hi, Nancy! I would definitely recommend Gabi to anyone. It was out of my normal reading zone, but I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂 I definitely needed it! Thankfully, this week was a little less crazy. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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