Google: Who is Regan Garey?

When I was younger (and in an incredibly bored state), I would Google myself to see what popped up. I loved to look at the pictures and see what all was out there for people to find out about me. I distinctly remember always thinking to myself how weird it was that people could find out so much about me just by simply Googling my name. However, this was before I had any social media accounts. Before I spent numerous hours per week online or on my phone. When I first read this assignment, I couldn’t help but wonder what all had changed?

Googling yourself is a very odd experience. When I was Googling, I felt as though I was seeing my life through someone else’s eyes. I quickly searched “Regan Garey Curtis, NE” and the search engine spit out 2,960 results in 0.39 seconds. In less than a second, my entire life was on display for anyone to see. Pictures of me were up to view. It was a crazy moment to witness.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.20.01 PM.png

So, just who is Regan Garey online? According to Google, Regan Garey was a past student at Medicine Valley High School who was undoubtedly involved. Numerous articles included Academic Honor Roll listings as well as accomplishments in FCCLA and Academic All State in sports. Google also shows that I am a blogger, pulling a post from back in March on the first page. Of course, Facebook also shows up along with an article from my employer, NCTA, and an obituary for my great grandma from 10 years ago. Do you want to know what’s really crazy? I found all of this information on the first page of my search.

Through more searching and variations in my name, I found my Twitter, Pinterest, and much, much more. From Quiz Bowl records and past scholarships I was awarded to FFA Awards and recognitions, I am all over the web. If an employer looked at me online, they would see that I was a great student and a mediocre basketball player (thanks for putting my stats out there, Maxpreps). An employer would be able to see that I was involved and am very active online. To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised with what I found online. None of the articles or sites were ones that I would be embarrassed to have anyone look at. I’ve always kept my Facebook and Twitter pages very professional because of the warnings that I have received from teachers and parents. For that, I am so incredibly thankful.

My online life is, without a doubt, active and growing. However, I think this is okay, because I know how important my digital footprint is. I am thankful that I was told this growing up because, looking back, it is so important. Although I may have an issue finding a job as a basketball coach, I think I’m safe finding a job for any other profession. 😉




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